Top 5 Character Traits that Every Gynecologist Should Have

Going to the gynecologist has never made it to the top of a woman’s “favorite places list” and there are reasons why. Without going into too much detail, no woman likes someone digging in her lady business. With that being said, here a five character traits that every gynecologist should have.

1. Understanding

It doesn’t seem like a lot to ask, all you want is a little understanding. Everyone needs a gynecologist that understands that it is not an everyday occurrence to be spread eagle on a table with fluorescent lights shining down. If you, as a woman, can sense that your gynecologist understands this and speaks to you like a human being, then the trip can be much more enjoyable. It may not be awkward for the gynecologist, but it is awkward for you. A gynecologist that reaches that conclusion and handles it with grace can make a world of difference.


2. Positivity Minus Pep

No woman wants to go into a gynecologist’sappointment and find a cheerleader. Sarcasm and jokes about shaving are not appreciated. Being positive is a must, but that doesn’t mean trying to make you, the patient, laugh over your utter misery. A gynecologist has their patients in their most vulnerable state and that has never been a good time for a knock-knock joke. A gynecologist that offers positive reinforcements, explanations that every woman goes through the same thing or simply a pat on the back and a “I know this sucks,” is a gynecologist worth searching for.


3. Patience

We all know that gynecologist like to get through their appointment and on to the next one as quickly as possible. But having a tool rip through your lady parts without any warning has never been a comforting thought. A gynecologist that takes the time to answer questions, explain what they are doing or gives warnings before they pull and tug can create an atmosphere that is far more comforting. This approach can also give you the feeling that you are not being rushed.


4. Sense of Ease

Agynecologist that is in a rush, flustered or over eccentric can really stress a girl out. If you go into the gynecologist’s office, you want to feel relaxed and like you can handle any situation. If your gynecologist comes in with guns blazing, however, it can be hard to stay calm. Another reason a sense of ease is important is because we all know what happens down below when you, as a woman, cannot relax and that can only heighten your pain. By delivering a cool, calm and collective exterior, a gynecologist can hand you your own personal chill pill, which is really what every woman needs in this situation.


5. Kindness

No one likes a moody doctor. A simple smile, words of encouragement and a kind disposition can make a world of difference in any doctor, but especially a gynecologist. If you feel that your gynecologist is being rude, rough or abrupt, odds are you will not return.

It is not always about who has the best credentials, what kind of technology is being used or how critically acclaimed a gynecologist is. Sometimes, you just want someone with warm hands, a smile and a little bit of grace.

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