The Ultimate Guide to Cognitive Enhancers – Nootropics and Its Importance

Nootropics have mild to moderate physical or mental effects. They improve your memory, boost your mood and help you to focus effectively. These drugs focus on particular regions of the brain. They are alternatively called as ‘intelligent medicines’.

In the current fast-paced environment, it is very essential as everyone feels the pressure to perform better. So, these drugs are gaining rapid popularity. Most of the nootropics are available without a prescription. The positive thing is that there are very few side effects associated with it. The occurances of side effects vary according to the health of the person.

Nootropics and Its Importance


  • Has positive and direct effect on the mind
  • Affects higher levels of the brain rather than affecting the lower level
  • Memory power is improved
  • Imparts more muscle control

You need not worry about getting addicted to these drugs, if you use them often. They actually help you to get rid of other addictions. People who have used it found it highly beneficial due to its amazing results. Nootropics prevent the effects on ageing related to brain.

Nootropics Benefits

Piracetem was the first Nootropic introduced. It was created in 1964 by Coneliu E. Giurgea. It was manufactured to help people, who had difficulty sleeping. When it was tested on people and animals, it demonstrated unexpected results. It prevented vertigo, which is a subcategory of dizziness. It was prescribed for persons with motion sickness. Visit Nootriment for more articles.

Some of the Common Nootropics:

There are arguments arising from people regarding these smart drugs. Few feel that using these is unethical. You have to understand that ‘caffeine’, which is present in coffee and soft drinks is also a nootropic substance. Some nootropics have been widely accepted.

Piracetam supply

The combination of theanine and caffeine is safe and they will not initiate any harmful reactions. It reduces the anxiety level. The primary advantages of Piracetem and Choline is increase in mental clarity and an overall improvement in optimum cognitive function.

Emphasis Xt and Piracetem supply the body with more stamina and vitality. Apart from staying fit, concentration is also improved. This stack is more efficient than the above mentioned Nootropics. Both are powerful dietary supplements.

Piracetem supply

Nootropics were originally introduced to treat people with medical problems. However, today many people use them to improve focus and increase productivity. If you are planning to take a Nootropic begin with the lowest dose possible.

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